I have gathered a great many seeds from different works my lifetime that bear fruit in my work in clinical herbalism.

In this path, I draw from experience in all of my past occupations and all of my passions…teacher, naturalist, biologist, chemist, gardener, botanist, microbiologist and lover/ protector of critters, plants and sacred places.

I am honored to have apprenticed with “Grandmother of modern herbalism” Rosemary Gladstar and to have earned my Advanced Herbal Training at Sage Mountain studying with many well known herbalists such as Stephen Buhner, Candace Canton, Mathew Wood, and Deb Soule among many others. I teach at, and attend, as many herbal conferences as I am able and am passionate about continuing education in my fields.

I earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Environmental Science from the University of New England. I minored in chemistry. I earned a Master of Science at Humboldt State University in Natural Resources.

  • Apprenticed with Rosemary Gladstar
  • Advanced Herbal Training at Sage Mountain
  • B.S. Biology and Environmental Science at University of New England
  • M.S. Natural Resources at Humboldt State University
  • Teach at various conferences and locations about herbal treatments for Lyme Disease and coinfections, herbal treatments for companion animals and ‘Herbal Antibiotics’
  • Clinical herbalist for almost a decade