How to Use Herbal Antibiotics

For preventing infections

For the most effective approach to an infection, sip on water spiked with 1/2 tsp-1 tsp of herbal antibiotic tincture over the course of the day. Alternately, take 1/2 tsp of an herbal antibiotic in a small amount of water or juice 3 times/day during high exposure and/or low immunity times. Drink herbal teas including green tea unless the caffeine is a problem.

The old adage is almost literally true ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’, and considering the best quality goldenseal goes for about $150/pound… well you get the idea. Do not take most herbal antibiotic for more than about a month without week or longer break or it will overly dry your mucous membranes, which ironically makes you susceptible to infection. Do not eat refined sugar or other foods that depress your immune system and/or cause inflammation!

For treating existing infections (other than chronic infections like Lyme)

The ‘Herbal Sandwich’: The most effective means for treating any disease is what we like to call the ‘Herbal Sandwich’. Our goal is to get herbs on the both sides of the disease. For example, to treat an ear infection with the ‘Herbal Sandwich’ we would use herbs internally (tinctures and teas) and topically (ear oil and ear washes if the eardrum is not perforated).

How to take tinctures with an existing infection

At the first sign of infection put 1-2 tsp of herbal antibiotic in about a pint of water and sip on it for a couple of hours or until the presenting symptom (such as scratchy throat or sinus congestion) shifts in the direction of healing (usually less than 2 hours). If the taste is too intolerable, put the herbal antibiotic in a pint of juice and water (adding as little juice as possible in order to be palatable). The improvement in symptoms is our indication that our bodies are shedding microbes faster than they are multiplying. At the point when healing has begun, continue that dosage for the day. The following day, taper down very slowly the frequency of medicine but be sure to stay ahead of those buggers, they are older than us, smarter than us and will be here long after we are gone. If symptoms worsen, return to starting frequency above and stay with it for several days after a healing trend is seen.

All the while you are taking these tinctures, use any other medicines that are appropriate for your ‘Herbal Sandwich’. It is also helpful to drink herbal teas (including green teas) and avoid all refined sugar.

Holistic philosophy for treating infections

Did you know that the number of beneficial microbes (and a few cantankerous ones as well) outnumbers the number of cells that are ‘you’. These beneficial microbes do so much work for you that if most of them died, you would be dead by the days end. We need them as much as we need air, water and food.

The war-like model so often used to treat disease is counterproductive. Microbial life and their evolution is overwhelmingly cooperative and rarely competitive and or aggressive. Microbes are literally our ancestors and I believe we heal better and stronger when we are reverent toward all life.

A more useful and reverent metaphor for treating disease uses a model of an organic garden. Good organic gardeners know that an infestation of ‘bugs’ is a signal that there is some imbalance in the soil. The ‘pests’ are our teachers. When we remedy the deeper problem, some of them die, but most move on to bring their teachings elsewhere. Try this model and see how different you feel during an infection.

Ingredients to Bluebird Herbals Most Popular Herbal Antibiotics: Herbal sandwich if possible

  • Herbal Antibiotics I for colds, strep, staph and other bacteria: Goldenseal, myrrh, echinacea, boneset, calendula, cleavers, marshmallow, and eluthero
  • Herbal Antibiotics II for respiratory infections: Elecampane, pleurisy, goldenseal, coltsfoot, mullein, comfrey (or marshmallow), ashwaganda
  • Herbal Antibiotics III for ear infection: Coltsfoot, boneset, echinachea, usnea, licorice, myrrh and American ginseng.
  • Herbal Antibiotics IV for viral infections: Elderberry, baical skullcap, boneset, cat’s claw, yarrow, pau d’arco, red root, ginger, marshmallow
  • Tea: Lemonbalm, St. john’swort, ginger
  • Lomatium if life threatening (viral pneumonia)
  • Herbal Antibiotics for Other ‘Bugs’ (when others fail or for protozoan, amoebae): Cats claw, pau d’arco, shiszandra, sweet annie, crytolepsis, wormwood, rue, sage, rosemary, garlic, marshmallow.
  • Herbal Antibiotics for Safe Travels (prevention of malaria and yellow fever and djenge fever): Pau d’arco, cats claw, cryptolepsis, boneset, sweet annie, southernwood, gotu cola, bitter mellon, and eluthero.
  • Herbal Antibiotics Baby and Mommy: Elderflower and berry, spilanthes, cats claw, pau d’arco, southerwood (or not), shisandra, red root, marshmallow.

Other formulas used in protocols

Kidney issues

  • Gravel root, parsley root, gokshura, corn silk, goldenrod, marshmallow

Liver issues

  • Dandelion root, burdock root, milk thistle seed, shisandra berry, turmeric, blessed thistle, bhiringiraj leaf, tienchi ginseng, bupleureum root and licorice root.

Heart Issues

  • Hawthorne, motherwort, yarrow, linden ashwaganda, and milky oats.

A Word on Using Herbs and Conventional Treatment

Herbs can be used effectively for disease with or without conventional treatments and pharmaceuticals. In fact, in a small proportion of cases using both is the most effective course of action. The herbs we use and the way we use them do not cause interactions with pharmaceuticals.

Fees for Consultation

For consultation and protocol development fees are assessed by an hourly rate of $75. Herbal medicines are additional to the hourly rate and can vary greatly according to the condition being treated. In successful treatment of disease using herbal medicines, quality is everything. We make the highest quality herbal medicines by starting with organically grown plants grown and harvested by herbalsists on small farms with the care, love and dedication to the Land. Many of the herbs are grown on our own land. Loved plants make superior medicines to mass market herbs!