What You Can Do To Help Prevent COVID-19

Empower yourself with Herbs/Practices that help prevent viruses!

With a grounded perspective, this crisis also can have the crucial benefit of helping us all work together to strengthen weak points in our health and care systems. I have never seen or heard of any time in human history where we worked together so quickly and well despite lack of centralized leadership in some cases! There are problems, yes, but don’t miss the beauty of this! We Can Do This!

There is no direct evidence to suggest that these herbs will prevent or treat COVID-19 but mechanisms of herbs reducing replication and preventing cytokine storms for other viruses are well published and well studied.

This video shows how to 'follow the rules' to prevent COVID!!! 

Dr. David Price from Cornell who is ICU Dr in NYC in 2200 bed hospital that is doing only COVID-19. This video has great information about how to prevent disease spread within households.  Simple and empowering. 


Use sublingual spray of antiviral herbs

  1. before you will come into contact with others outside your cohort 
  2. once after contact. 
  3. 2-4 times per day


Tarragon, oregano, sage, rosemary and thyme (sing the tune with only two substitutions :). Garlic and ginger are also wonderful. You can make teas, tinctures or use fresh (i love any of the Euro herbs for pistou/pesto)! 

If using dry herbs, be sure that they are the same color and smell as when they were alive and they will pack a righteous punch!  

Fresh ginger/thyme tea with a spot of honey is my favorite tea to sip on all day in these crazy times!  Please forward this to all of your community as it will be helpful! 

 If you are able to get a good size bundle of fresh herbs they will loose their potency after a few days so make a tincture! If you get a bundle (leave some for others), make an alcohol tincture with as high of a proof as you can get 100 proof (50% ethanol) is fine but if you can get to 65-75% ethanol-even better (but not required). See my beautiful teacher teaching how to make a tincture at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__AfuXwS36I. For these herbs you will use only alcohol for tincture, do not use glycerine or vinegar. Even ½ cup of tincture will last much longer than the fresh herb and pack a real whollop!

Saline sinus rinses and irrigation is wonderful prevention even if you have come into contact with someone infected! It takes most viruses and other microbes 24 hours to grapple hook/drill/axe/chemical burn their way across mucous membranes so washing your sinuses twice a day is good practice! 

Be sure to keep mucous membranes lubricated well because a crack in them means they can slip across without effort! Oils (avoid petroleum based because they are not good for you and also drying overall) such as olive, coconut and sesame are great and you get an extra anti-microbial benefit with an herbal oil or salves!

Plant a ‘Victory Herb Garden” with all of the above herbs and make medicines for your family, friends and community. TELL OTHERS TO DO SO! The growing season is here and these herbs grow like weeds! Take the tips off of the herbs in your garden and tincture them. You can usually cut herbs every two weeks (leave at least half of the plant/leaves or it will stunt growth) to add to your tincture!!!

Sunflower seeds are good for the lungs!

Pumpkin seeds have high levels of zinc that bind to receptor sites that viruses attach to. This means fewer viruses infecting cells! Eat a few handfuls/day. Also hemp seeds, pine nuts and almonds are lower in zinc but good too!

Exercise at least 20 minutes 5x/week…sucking large volumes of air into you lungs is VERY important for lung health! 

Eat well, get good sleep and minimize sugar to keep immune system at top rate. Sugar uncouples multiple immune pathways.

Remember that we are mammals (we survive because we are in community) and not reptiles (me me me). Let’s use our mammal-survival skills which recognize that sharing, cooperation, comforting and resolving conflict peacefully is how we will be happy, have peace of mind and survive whatever comes!

I have a profound respect for reptiles and they do ‘reptile’ quite nobly but when we act like reptiles we suffer and those around us suffer. Let reptiles be reptiles and lets be good mammals!

Almost all viruses that jump from birds to us or from other mammals to us is because of the inhumane way they are treated (think: living in your own poop and pus and your neighbors poop and pus). The original Flu came from chickens living in squalor as well as the recent Bird Flu. Swine flu was similar for pigs. Kinder farming may have prevented COVID-19 as well.

The reason chicken soup is so effective at treating flu is because the flu is a chicken virus and the bodies of chickens have some helpful chemistry to share, especially the skin. AVOID EATING FACTORY FARMED CHICKENS! So eat chicken soup with a deep bow for their contribution to your health!

Stress hormones such as cortisol reduce immune function. Breathe! Extending your outbreath for 10 breaths will reduce cortisol and ramp up immunity!